WW2 Jeeps Visitors Pictures

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Willys JeepFrank Botzler from Friedeburg, Lower Saxony, Germany has restored this Jeep to a very high standard. The Jeep has a Ford GPW chassis with a Hotchkiss body and running gear.Willys Jeep


Many of you I am sure will know of Andrew Wright from his Normandy Veterans Family and Friends Facebook page, also his time spent with Veterans and his many visits to Normandy in his Father’s Mercedes.

Andrew is from Beccles in Suffolk and says, it’s a 44 Willy’s. It still has its original data plates on the glove box. It was bought by a farmer in 1946 who used it for several years until an enthusiast from Stowmarket bought her and owned her for about 17 years and I’ve owned her for about 8 Years. To my knowledge it’s never had the body removed and still has the original clutch. I marked her up from one of my fathers wartime pictures but it was taken from the front so I couldn’t see the bonnet numbers so I used dads army numbers. Dads unit was 621st Field Squadron Royal Engineers 7th Armoured Division ( Desert Rats )


Chris Harris from Hampshire has restored his 1943 Willys with the same marking as the Jeep in which his father had his picture taken in May 1945, he was in the 4th Motor Battalion, 6th Guards Tank Brigade. Chris and his friends recreated the scene on the beach at Arromanches on the 74th D Day anniversary. He also managed to track down where the picture was taken and has been in contact with the family that owned in the war.  You can see a video of Chris driving his Jeep in Normandy when he joined Classic Jeeps on a day out. See our Normandy reports. 


Robin Edge from Chesterfield spent two years restoring his 1944 Willys Jeep, as you can see from the pictures Robin completed a full restoration on the vehicle and the quality of the work shows. He took the Jeep to Bastogne and tells us that despite a night of zero temperatures and jeep started on 6 volt like the old days. Robin also makes reproduction Jeep starting handles, should you need one. 


A 1942 Willys MB, the pictures were sent in by Reece Hollidge of his grandads Jeep who is from Farnborough in Hampshire


Ford GPW Jeep 1944 owned by Simon William Prout. The Jeep is named Feisty Gal. Simon is from Plymouth in Devon, southwest England.


Two Hotchkiss Jeeps owned by Ben Claes. One has just been fully restored, the other one is an older quick restoration. Ben is from Heyd in Belgium


Ford GPW 1942 owned by Francis Pierard who says he is not a WWII collector, but he has a Jeep which he has named ” STEFFY “


Ford GPW 1944 owned by Tim Bowman from  San Jose, California , United States, Tim has researched his Jeep and found a build date of 19th April 1944 for the vehicle


Ford GPW 1943 owned by Arnold S. Martinez that he has restored. The Jeep was built in Richmond, California, and was delivered to the US Army in April, 1943.


Ford GPW 1945 Jeep owned by Mike Bradley was registered 1st May 1945. It was sold direct from the US Army at Fort Dix, New Jersey for $50 to a chap who retired as a US army Colonel. It never went to war or abroad as far as is known. It spent the next 70 years in the deserts in Nevada and California where it was used for squirrel hunting! It’s had several coats of paint over the years and arrived in UK in Feb 2016 in three shades of brown. It had a roll bar fitted and civilian rear lights. Mike bought the jeep in September 2016 and the following month had it returned to its olive drab colour. Engine and frame numbers match. It has 6v electrics and a late style exhaust that runs out the back of the jeep and not the side. In June 2017 Mike took it to Normandy travelling about 1000 miles without fuss. The plan is to take it back to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D Day. Got best in show at the Cornwall MVT show at Mt Edgcumbe in Sept 2017


Willys MB Jeep 1942 Owned by Steve Haynes. A nice early example of the Willys Jeep


Willys Jeep 1944 owned by Jeremy Harvey. It’s a June ‘44’ ACM II Tub, With a ‘42’Ford engine mostly F script parts underneath the hood, The chassis is a Willys MB but with a Ford stamp and number on it, I have the original buff coloured log book going back to 1946 showing the Tub and engine and chassis were together then. So the tub was probably a wartime replacement to the factory original one. It’s marked up as an USAAF Jeep from the 92nd bomb group at Poddington which is local to Jeremy.


WW2 Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.ukFord GPW Jeep 1943 owned by William Hibbs. Picture taken while visiting the Cobbaton Combat collection in Devon.