War and Peace RevivalThe War and Peace Revival is the largest military vehicle, history and vintage lifestyle show in the world will be at Hop farm, Kent from the 24th to 28th of July. The show includes masses of military and vintage vehicles, living history displays, a ‘home front’ village, explosive arena battles.War and Peace RevivalMilitary vehicles will be out in force representing the armies of the 20th Century from around the world including tanks, armoured and amphibious vehicles, cars, Jeeps, Dodges, GMCs, artillery, motorcycles, Land Rovers and heavy commercial vehicles.  All vehicles are lovingly restored to their former glory by dedicated enthusiasts who are always willing to share the fascinating stories behind their vehicles.  

Living History Groups provide a unique picture of life in conflict with depictions from WW1 to the present. Using original and accurate reproduction equipment the living history scenes groups include British troops living in trenches, GIs in Vietnam, The D-Day support convoy ‘Red Ball Express’, US Army Rangers and Delta’s in the battle of Mogadishu and WW2 German units in the field.  The attention to detail is stunning and the level of historical knowledge each member possesses about the unit represented adds a valued educational aspect to the displays.

The arena is a focal point of the show with a constant programme that features battle re-enactments, vehicle competitions and demonstrations. Heavy armour, artillery and troops will move in to position as the arena turns into an explosive battle ground with re-enactments of battles from WW1 to more recent conflicts.   

The War and Peace Revival is an incredible event offering excitement and fun for all ages.  For visitors arriving by train there will be a regular shuttle bus service running from Paddock Wood Train Station to the Hop Farm.  

Visit the War and Peace Revival website and last years show report – click the links below. 

War and Peace Revival

War and Peace Revival