Jeeps and Military Vehicle Insurance

Adrian Flux, BG insurance and Cherished Vehicle Insurance helped us put together this page, giving you some guidance to getting the correct insurance for your military vehicle. All three companies have very good knowledge and experience in the field of military vehicle insurance and of course can offer other insurance advice and cover. All three companies were keen to offer help to our readers.

We asked some typical questions, here are the results

Are uninsured losses covered ?

Is there a discount for covering more than one vehicle ?

Do you Insure vehicles that are off road being restored ?

Can vehicles be covered when attending shows that are off the public road ?

All three companies answered  yes to the above questions 

Are there restrictions on overnight parking ?

Yes there maybe some restrictions, but have a chat to them about your requirements. All three are very helpful.

Do you have a lower and upper age limit for drivers on your cover/policy ?

Adrian Flux  – No, there are no limits, we can cover any age (assuming all legal)

BG Insurance – A lower age limit of 25 and an upper limit of 75

Cherished Vehicle Insurance – Our Military Scheme can insure drivers from age 21 onwards

Policies can also include

– Free Legal Cover

– Agreed Value

– Q Plates Cover

– Modifications Cover

– Club Member Discounts

– Limited Mileage Discounts.

Contact details for the companies    

Website –      Email –   Tel. 0800 369 8590 

Website –   Email –   Tel. 01892 501852

Website –                           Email – Tel. 01905 930740

It is a good idea to join a Military Vehicle Club. most insurers prefer you to be a member of a recognised club and will give you discount. The Military Vehicle Trust ( MVT ) and the Invicta Military-Vehicle Preservation Society ( IMPS ) are a good start. There are many benefits to being a member of one of the clubs, from information, finding parts, to getting your Military vehicle registered with the DVLA.

Something to consider when taking out a policy is the extra equipment you have on your vehicle, such as radios, guns, etc. It would be a good idea to get a cost for the extra cover before taking out the vehicle policy.

For an agreed value on your vehicle most companies require colour pictures, one from each side, one front, one rear and one of the engine bay.

How do you value your Jeep? a good start would be to look at our Jeep price guide page  One thing to remember is that when you look at Jeep or other Military vehicle adverts, the price on the advert is not necessarily the price the vehicle sold for, so they can be misleading to a potential buyer as to the true value of a Military Jeep. 

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