Follow me Jeeps

By | November 18, 2016

Follow me jeeps

Willys Jeeps were used on war time airfields to direct aircraft to their dispersal points on the airfield, they were know as “Follow Me Jeeps”.

Follow Me Jeeps

Follow Me Jeep with a B17 behind

Used on airfields that had both fighters and bombers based on them. There was a need to get aircraft off the runway quickly and to a designated place for refuelling and loading of bombs and ammunition, ready for the next mission. Some aircraft would need repair’s to damage received on the last mission.

Follow Me Jeeps

Follow me Jeep next to a P51 Mustang

It could be the first visit to the airfield by some pilots, so they would be unfamiliar with the layout. They would follow the brightly coloured Jeep to where they needed to park. Jeeps based at airfields far away from the enemy were very colourful, being painted in red and white squares some black and yellow, and had big signs on the rear with “Follow Me” on them.

Follow Me Jeeps

Follow Me Jeep with a B17 coming in to land

Airfields close to the front would not use brightly coloured vehicles for obvious reasons, so were normally olive drab with the “Follow Me” sign on the rear.

Follow Me Jeeps

Follow Me Jeep between two Mustangs


Follow Me Jeeps

B17 and a Follow Me Jeep