Differences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.ukFrom a distance all three Military Jeeps look very much the same, the Hotchkiss M201 Jeep was produced from 1955 to 1966 with some 27,628 being made. They were made using the same drawings and patterns as the Willys MB. This makes it reasonably easy to pass one off as a Willys. The Ford GPW has a lot of different parts from the MB. This guide is to help you spot the differences between Jeeps. There are many more difference’s than we have listed, we have included the most obvious and easy to spot parts.

Starting at the front of the vehicle

Front Bumper

The Ford GPW has two extra holes in the front bumper one either side, where’s the Willys MB and the Hotchkiss have only the starting handle hole in the centre.Differences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.uk

Front Chassis Legs

The Hotchkiss has two small ‘U’ channels welded in as stiffeners. The Willys and Ford have none.Differences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.uk

Front Grill

The front grill is a slotted panel punched out of a single sheet of steel. This was a Ford idea later taken up by Willys replacing the Slat grill. If you look at the bottom of the slots, you will note that on the Ford And Willys the material is 1/2″ deep, but on the Hotchkiss it is only 1/4″ deepDifferences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.uk

Chassis Front Cross Member

The Willys and the Hotchkiss both have a circular cross member, where’s the Ford has an inverted ‘U’ channel.Differences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.uk

Bonnet Hinge

The Bonnet hinge on the Willys has 9 segments, the Ford has 11 segments and the Hotchkiss has 13Differences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.uk

Dash Panel Notch

The Ford and the Willys both have a notch in the flange folded over the top of the dash panel, there is no notch on the Hotchkiss, also it should be noted that the spot welds on the flange are deeper on the Hotchkiss.Differences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.uk


The small pillar either side of the vehicle below the dash are the same on the Willys and Ford having a curved rear edge, where’s the Hotchkiss has a fold in the same rear edge.Differences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.uk

Rear Foot rests

The foot rest behind the two front seats are the same on the Willys and Hotchkiss, the Ford has a different design.Differences between Jeeps Classic Jeeps.co.uk

Tool Box Lids

The Willys and the Hotchkiss both have plain tool box tops, the ford has a swaged patterned top. you will also note that the Ford has a square indentation for the tool box release button, on the Willys and the Hotchkiss it is round. The Ford has a swaged line in front of the tool box button.swaged

Differences between Jeeps