4 wheel steer Jeep

By | April 11, 2016

4 wheel steer Jeep and 4 wheel drive

4 Wheel Steer Jeep

Willys Quad 4 Wheel Steer

 Willys Overland company delivered a 4 wheel steer Willys Quad for testing in 1940 the first of the three companies to do so. The Bantam company built 8 of the Mk 11 four wheel steer Jeeps, the company also built 4 wheel steer version,s of the Bantam BR40. The Ford Motor Company built 50 Ford GP Jeep,s with 4 wheel steering. The 4 wheel steer did not prove a great success as there was no great gain, considering the extra expense and effort in evolved in producing the 4 wheel steer Jeep.

4 Wheel Steer Jeep

Bantam 4 Wheel Steer

 4 Wheel Steer

Bantam BRC40 4 Wheel Steer

4 Wheel Steer Jeep

Ford GP 4 Wheel Steer